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Below you will find theme parks news and updates monthly. we add the news and updates we find them. There are lsued by month by month news & updates at theme parks. Thanks.

Theme Park News & Updates (Monthly)

May 08 News

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April 08 News

 Thorpe Park have confirmed there new coaster for 2009 a Gerstlauer Eurofighter which will be situated in the Canada Creek area of the park. The ride will have 4 inversions, a more than vertical drop 97 degrees and reach heights of 100 foot!


2009 Will see Kingda Ka losing its crown of the tallest and faster coaster in the world due to a new coaster in germany named, RaceCoaster!

SeaWorld Orlando have annouced plans for a B&M flyer named Manta for the 2009 season!


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